The United Irishman, Vol. 23, No. 6
Organisation:Sinn Féin [Pre 1970]
Publication:The United Irishman
Issue:Volume 23, Number 6
Meitheamh (June) 1969
Collection:Remembering 1969
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Subjects: Palestine

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

8th June 2009

Another document that gives a useful insight into the mindset of Republicanism, at least at a rhetorical level, during 1969. This copy of the United Irishman from June 1969 still gives little indication of the rupture that would occur within Republicanism towards the end of that year. Indeed the front cover seems oddly tame, with a piece on how a ban on the sale of the United Irishman in the Six Counties is being defied by Sinn Féin, mention of a dispute amongst electricians with an English firm and an increase in Dublin Corporation Rents. The emphasis on the latter issues perhaps speaks of the more campaigning side of Sinn Féin during this period. And it’s followed by article on Fisheries protests and an odd piece on how Derry Unionists established an Housing Action Committee. A long piece on the Dublin Housing Action emphasises this campaigning bent.

There’s also mention of how the IRA in Galway were claiming responsibility for property on a large estate in the county.

Add to that a piece on Palestine and one might well draw a certain picture.

On the other hand the situation in the North is not ignored. Northern Letter on page 4 details the changes in the Stormont Government and the impact of the attacks on Civil Rights marchers at Burntollet. And it there is a strong concentration on the issue of Civil Rights as a tactic.

Meanwhile one will also read about ‘Republicanism, Marxism and Christianity’, perhaps an attempt to ensure there was some cover for the left tilt amongst more traditional members.

All that said it is fascinating to read the editorial on the last page which is exercised almost entirely by the prospect of an election and with only a glancing comment on the North.

More copies of the United Irishman from this year to come…next month we see the July issue.

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